By: CharlieDia

Apr 09 2010

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It’s been a weird 24 hours in general, and not in the super-overt, maybe-I-dropped-some-acid-with-my-donuts kind of weird. Oh, no, this is the kind of weird that kind of plays on the edges of reality, the slightly surreal.

Though, to be honest, if a unicorn were to walk by me right now, I might not even bat an eye. (Well, no about the unicorn part. More about it getting into my home without keys or opposable thumbs.)

Yesterday, patients who were supposed to show up didn’t, and patients who weren’t did. One patient who blamed my doctor-boss for something that might actually have been her own fault (not that I can actually say for sure because I have a degree in English so what the hell do I know?) was cursing at us and huffing off all over the place before finally huffing right the fuck off, and then I won a free coffee from Tim Horton’s.

Which is apparently enough to make things all better in my world.

(Incidentally, the doctor-boss wasn’t in the office at the time either of the above happened, and I’m told it took them an hour to explain what happened. He was apparently much more upset by the way the patient and her other had spoken to us other than the allegations of negligence against him. Bless.)

Then rain, sunshine, rain (yes, I really do talk about the weather this much on a regular basis; I lack substance and depth), hot then cold again, but all of it was fine by me as the catchy tunes of one Paolo Nutini carried my spirits to a higher plane.

A higher plane where helicopters fly above my route to work and informs police on the ground about speeders.

After 15 minutes of panicking and going through every dire consequence of my getting a speeding ticket (my first in the five years I’ve been driving, despite a few incredibly close calls which will be saved for another post another day), much contemplation as to whether tears would work or not, and why, oh, why didn’t I wear my scrubs today?, I was handed a slip and sent off with a half-smile and a “try to go a little slower, K?” and I was off.

In hindsight, trying to read the slip while driving wasn’t the smartest thing I’ve ever done, but at least I was going at a steady 54MPH at the time. And I was allowed the great wave of joy to see the patronizing words, “please consider this a friendly reminder…” I kissed that piece of paper and turned the music back up to dancedancedance the rest of the way to the office.

They should somehow capture and market that perfect mixture of elation and joy.Though some might argue that they already do and that it’s called “marijuana.” Hey, if that floats your boat, yo.

Okay, so maybe there have been weirder days. It might just be because I’m not used to things being anything than run-of-the-mill, same-old-same-old, boring-as-shit usual. Still.


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