Holy high water!

By: CharlieDia

Apr 07 2010

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Somehow, it’s gotten to be April. I don’t know how or why or what or when that happened, but color me surprised whenever time… you know, keeps going.

Los jeffes and their people have been informed of my plans to leave the office at the end of the month, minus one day for family wedding weekend thingies that will mostly involve me wearing clothes that will feel significantly less roomy after three straight days of eating.

Having immigrant parents has its perks, but it can be so trying sometimes.

The thing is that the leaving the low-paying, time-consuming, hilarious-having job primarily relies on my taking required classes before nursing school starts at the end of summer, which I have no actually been accepted into yet. The thing is that I probably won’t hear from them until they get all my school shit together.

The problem has more to do with my not making enough time to get that together. Oh, the humanity! Oh, the instinct for excuses! Let’s keep hoping for the best. Because damn it all if I don’t look pretty hot in those scrubs. And if that doesn’t screw with this fair blog’s title.

Though putting me in an all-white outfit with a short lunch hour might be one of the stupidest things anyone has ever thought up. Who the hell thought that’d be a good ide—oh. That was me putting me in this situation, wasn’t it?


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