Another dollar.

By: CharlieDia

Mar 23 2010

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The day wasn’t sure what season it was. The sun rose behind a thin, grey filter as a light Spring rain showered down upon the world. The roads darkened wet but didn’t have the treacherous sheen of a slick road. My poor umbrella, new and waiting and curved at an acute angle (befitting any hipster wannabe not cool enough to be the real thing), maintained its coiled posture, unused. Be patient, inanimate object. Your time will come!

Out for lunch two hours too late–that is, late if you’re a normal person who likes to eat when you start feeling empty and hungry and run-down. The dollar menu is my new best friend but the ultimate enemy of my ever-softening waistline. I don’t give a shit, not until after I’ve stuffed myself with greasy fries, salt sticking to my fingertips and a smile to my lips. There’s none of that good-little-Catholic-girl guilt because nothing can be wrong when the sun is raining down light and warmth upon me after the long grey months of winter. The concrete is dry as it had ever been aside from the telltale dark spots where shadow slows sunlight from wiping away the morning.

The sky cracks with light followed shortly with by its constant, noisy partner, always trying to outshine that momentary brilliance. I nearly can’t see the road in front of me as the water pouring down coats the windshield and bends the shapes before me, melding it with the ground and the sky and the trees. This stretch of country highway and I have gotten to know each other over the past year, so the anxiety and fear of the worst keeps at bay. Instead, I enjoy the clattering pound of the water against the roof. Like an crowd applauding in praise. Or an angry mob fighting to get in.

If only the events of the inside at work reflected the excitement of nature in all her glory.

The day was amusing, tiring, long, and yet, I can’t really say that anything happened. Even the usually vocal opposers of El Presidente Obama were trying to see the bright side of the health care bill passing despite knowing its flaws as well, an act that earns my respect, no matter where your beliefs lie on the ideological spectrum.

If only we couldn’t have gotten new episodes of “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” and “The Colbert Report.” Really, I’d love to have seen their reaction to the bill passing.

Pelosi, I’m generally indifferent to you, but you go, girl.


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