By: CharlieDia

Mar 19 2010

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The day was a bit of a haze, and I couldn’t tell if it was all that sunshine stuff that we feeble mortals dream about in the grey cold of the winter months or if I hadn’t slept off the rest of the medicine.

I get a weird sense of pride when people get sick around me, and I walk through the cloud of pathogens, unscathed, as if I achieved my effective immune system through hard work. And when you get sick so infrequently, a simple cold requires completely sympathy and attention from everyone around. The plight of the arrogant. It’s not pretty. It’s downright shameful, really.

A three-hour nap, a mini-pint of ice cream, and it’s like nothing ever happened. Aside from the slight fog I get from sleeping through the day and my unhappy nose, I feel surprisingly well.

And for a Munchausen headcase in the making—borne, surely, from the typical cry of the only child (“look at me!”)—, that’s kind of no fun at all.

Then again, after reading back on what I’ve just typed, it’s possible I’m still under the effects of medicine too strong and am not yet able to form coherent sentences.

Yeah, that sounds like a good excuse. Let’s go with that.


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